Where style and creativity come together….

Dear Client,

I would like to tell you a little bit about my style of photography and how I like to work. It is my hope that we can create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while working together.

I always try my best to create photos that are at peace with both my vision and my client’s expectations. Every client is different and special. Therefore, it is important for us to get to know each other before your photo session. This meeting will give us both a chance to create a mutual understanding and will help me to better fulfill your expectations.   I welcome your ideas so I may know about your wishes and give you advice or direction if needed.



  • It must be fun and relaxed:
  • I want our communication to be easy and friendly. I want you to feel comfortable, free, and relaxed during our time together.
  • I won’t use the phrase, “Hey, look at the camera and smile…”:
  • I want my subject to be inspired during our photo session so the camera captures only true emotions.
  • Rain or wind can’t ruin our session: 
  • Okay just kidding… but seriously, sometimes unexpected situations can add a special or unique character to your photos. I am always looking for an opportunity to create a “one of a kind” shot.



  • I enjoy producing images that tell a story:
  • Like a scene from an interesting movie and you want it to continue.
  • I want to create photos that are timeless:
  • I strive to create photos that will bring good thoughts or memories and put smile on your face.
  • Whenever possible, I am looking for a chance to create more than “just a photo…”:
  • In my work, I am always looking for new angles and creative ways to capture my client’s emotions. Whether it be trying new locations, sceneries, or finding new things that I can use as a prop; I am looking for those small details that can create more than just another photo, but can create a work of art.


Thank you for your trust and an opportunity to work with you. I look forward to scheduling an appointment with you soon.


Vera Magee