My name is Vera Alexandrovna Magee… Unusual name, huh? Alexandrovna comes from my father’s name, Alexander, and it’s simply a Russian tradition for all children to carry their father’s name. I know it might sound long and strange, so for you, I’m just Vera Magee…

    I was born in Far-East Russia; in a city by the sea called Vladivostok. From my window, I would watch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets as I looked out over the Sea of Japan. Why am I telling you about that? Because it was actually the first thing I ever captured when I held a camera in my hands.

    I had my first simple digital camera when I was 19 years old and after I got a chance to practice (or “to play”) with my camera for a while, my subjects became my cat, my family and nature.

    My story of becoming professional photographer is long and has a lot of interesting moments. So I will stop right here and keep it a mystery. But if you are interested, you can always ask.

    I’m married to the most wonderful, creative, and fabulous man in the world. He is my love, my friend, and he is everything to me. His name is Tommy. We have been married since 2012, but I feel like we are still newlyweds. I have a beautiful step-daughter, Kaeli. She is a smart and talented little lady. You will see her in many portraits on my website.

    I like to cook, but only if I can cook for someone besides myself. I like to experiment with new recipes, but don’t really like it if the other person (my husband) doesn’t like my tasty creations.

    I like to try new food, see new places, and experience new things. If you are never willing to try something new, you will never know what you might have missed.

    Sometimes I like to be spontaneous and to follow my mood or a sudden thought or idea. For me, photography is the deepest way to explore my creativity.

    I see beauty in all things. It can be a rain drop on a leaf in the early morning or an innocent smile on a child’s face. My camera helps me to capture those beautiful moments and enjoy them over and over again.

Welcome to Vera Magee Photography! Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you like my work…