Maternity Milk Bath Photo Session Tennessee

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Maternity Portrait Middle Tennessee Maternity Milk Bath Spring Hill TN  

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Senior Camp 2022-2023

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Senior PHOTO Camp 2022     We are casting boys and girls for our new team of future High School Seniors for the class of 2022 (are going to be a Junior this upcoming school year) that would love to be part of Vera Magee Photography Team. This is a great opportunity for you to try yourself out as a model, to help build up your confidence in front of a camera, to share your story with your friends and family, and to have a great time. Also, it will give you a chance to get your Senior Portrait Session absolutely FREE by building up photography credits* throughout the school year.* The more referrals you send our way, the more credits you’ll receive!Benefits:For every referral, you send to us, that books and pays for a full session, you will receive a $50 Photo Package credit (no cash).Each participant will get at least TWO FREE Portrait Sessions throughout the 2021-2022 school year:1st Session includes:Up to a 1-hour photo sessionUp to 2-3 outfit changes1 Location10 Hi-end Edited Digital Images of your choice (download files)Print Release2nd Session includes:Up to a 1-hour photo session1 outfit1 Location5 Hi-end Edited Digital Images of your choice (download files)Print ReleaseThe requirements:All participants must be full-time students. All participants must be graduating from High School in the Spring of 2023.Participants must exclusively promote Vera Magee Photography for the year. Participants must conduct themselves in a professional manner while representing Vera Magee Photography, acting as a positive role model in their school and community.Participants must post and credit Vera Magee Photography on their social media posts involving images photographed by Vera Magee.IMPORTANT! Students, while you may contact us about this offer, a Parent / Legal Guardian must also contact us and only they can sign up their child for the Senior Photo Camp.Also, we will require a Parent / Legal Guardian to sign 2 documents:Photograph Usage Consent FormTFP Contract and Model ReleaseTo send me an email, please complete the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible.Please be assured that I will keep your contact information confidential. Parent/Guardian Name*FirstLast Parent/Guardian Email* Parent/Guardian Phone Number* Child’s Name*FirstLast High School* Message Word VerificationSubmitReset   VERA MAGEE PHOTOGRAPHYSPRING HILL,...

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High-key Maternity Portrait

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High-key Maternity Portrait in Spring Hill Photo...

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DIY Hand-painted Canvas Backdrop

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DIY HAND-PAINTED CANVAS BACKDROP/BACKGROUNDI have been thinking about doing this project for quite a while. I have been searching, reading and watching YouTube videos on how to do it. My biggest question was, how would a professional do it? What technique do they use? What materials do they use?I have never owned a hand-painted canvas of any kind, so it was hard for me to even imagine what a canvas backdrop would feel like.The most useful information I found was here:http://vukelichphoto.com/blog/2015/11/30/how-to-make-an-oliphant-style-canvas-backdrop(And I would like to thank Philip Vukelich for such detailed information about his technique.)Even though I could follow his directions 100%, I still decided to add some other things that might help a canvas backdrop have a longer life. This was one of my main concerns.A regular canvas must be mounted on a wood frame before it’s painted on. And it will probably never get rolled afterwards, so there is less chance of the paint cracking.So, what can I use on my huge canvas to prevent the paint from cracking with time?I found out that some people use acrylic paint for painting fabric sofas or couches, but to make that fabric usable and naturally soft, they HAVE to use a Fabric Medium.*** Fabric/Textile Medium is white, so it will thin your paint and will also change your color to a lighter shade ***My canvas wasn’t primed and instead of using dilated gesso, as it was done by Mr. Vukelich, I used Mod Podge Sealer to prevent the paint from leaking through to the other side of the canvas.Why? Well, I think gesso will give your backdrop more texture and will add more weight to your backdrop. Also, I wanted the other side of my backdrop to simply be white, so I used Mod Podge to seal the canvas.Also, if you seal the canvas, then you will use less paint and it will be a much smoother painting process.I couldn’t find Mod Podge Flat/Matte Finish in the large bottle, so I thought if it were gloss, it wouldn’t make any difference since I would be covering it with flat white paint anyway.Oh, yea, the BIGGEST challenge was to stretch this huge piece of canvas and remove all wrinkles MISTAKE #1: My canvas is heavy-duty so ironing it didn’t help. I tried to sprinkle it with water and iron it and the canvas started to shrink!!! OMG!!! I guess because it is cotton!I remembered watching a video where a guy was using a sponge and warm water to remove the wrinkles before priming the canvas. The canvas was already mounted on a frame. So, I decided to stretch the canvas first.I have a hardwood floor stage that is about 10 ft x 10 ft and it’s mounted on plywood because I still have carpet underneath it.MISTAKE #2: I decided to tape the canvas to my hardwood floor. I might have chosen the wrong tape, but I was afraid to leave any glue residue on my floor. It worked just fine in the beginning but once I applied warm water on the canvas, my tape loosened up and even pins didn’t help. Double and triple tapes layers didn’t help either.I wish I could build up a wooden frame but there were too many extra things to buy and no way to bring it home unless I rented a trailer. And I would have needed more time to build it as well.I found my way out by nailing the canvas to the plywood base that is underneath my hardwood floor.The canvas was a rectangular shape, so on the 2 opposite shorter sides,...

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Kids fine art portrat

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Kids Fine Art Portrait Spring hill TN  Kids Portrait Photography Franklin TN

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